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We survived Valentine's Day

I am sure that the boy's teachers mean well when they send out their class lists with instructions to "make" Valentines for everyone. I am the biggest wet blanket around about kid's celebrations (tl;dr There's a party every month over something or other and I am exhausted and cannot care about every! single! thing!) But I do like Valentine's day for kids. I see nothing wrong with a day where you take a moment to say something nice to the kids you see every day. 

My boys feel differently, of course. 

The third grader was tasked with filling out paper hearts with compliments for each kid in the class. (Bravo, third grade teacher! I approve.) He took his paper hearts to his desk, and furtively wrote the notes in pencil. I only saw the one on top of his pile, which happened to be for a girl, and which happened to read "I like your smile."

"Aww, that's sweet," I said. 

"I lied," he said. 


The first grader was sent home with instructions for him to "make" a Valentine for each kid in his class. HAHAHAAAA. Oh, the thought of my boy crafting is so ludicrous as to be hilarous. Still, I am a rule follower, so I told him it was time to make Valentines.


Well, then. 

I showed him tons of online printable Valentines and settled on Minecraft ones. I made him write his name and his classmate's names on each one. There are some 20 kids in his class. This took the better part of a week. I need a nap. 

My preschooler's reaction to Valentine-making? 

"Can I have a snack?"

"First, we have to draw hearts on this," I told him. 


Hope you had a nice Valentine's day. If you got one from my son, I think he meant the nice things he said, despite his protestations. 


America is Beautiful: Bravo, Coca Cola

When I saw Coca Cola's #AmericaIsBeautiful commercial I was immediately filled with that warm happy feeling normal people get when they watch beautiful people singing beautiful patriotic songs. What a wonderful country America is! 

What a smart move by Coca Cola to state the obvious and include everyone -- because they want all of us to buy their drinks! 

But then, sadly, I was filled with dread at the inevitable attention the reaction of a few morons on Twitter and Facebook would get. It was so sad and predictable and I tried to ignore it until I simply couldn't. (Because of Twitter and Facebook and the Internet.)

We all know that companies don't put messages out there without expecting (or at least hoping) for a conversation to ensue. The bigger the better, especially on advertising's biggest night. They knew what they were doing, but it just seemed a bit disingenous to put it out there and just step back and let the crazies self-combust in hatred while the rest of the world watched in horror. It was just too simplistic for me. 

So this morning I went to Coca Cola's YouTube channel and found behind the scenes videos about the commercial. And I'm just going to step back and let the Americans featured in the commercial speak for themselves. 

America is beautiful indeed, and I give Coca Cola major props not just for the gorgeous commercial, but for anticipating the crazies and taking them on. I am seriously impressed. 

"We don't get to pick and choose whether America should be diverse or not. It is diverse." 

Sing it sister. Oh wait, she did:

Bravo, Coca Cola. For having the guts to teach the world to sing. You are right, America IS beautiful. 


Metta Prints to the Rescue!

Some of you may remember my son, who is a wee bit obsessed with Indiana Jones. It's harmless enough, except when he asks for specific things (like birthday parties) that are impossible to just buy because the movie came out and was merchandised over 30 years ago. 

Thirty years! Let that sink in. 

So this Christmas he asked for something so specific, so impossible to find, that I was forced to hit up the Twitter for help: 

 It was a shot in the dark -- an act of desperation. I was hoping that someone with better Google skills than me would be able to find a poster. Turns out that the internet came through in a much better fashion than I ever could have hoped for; The people of Metta Prints reached out and saved the day!

All I needed was the image of Indiana Jones running from the boulder and they would print it for me. I was so thrilled! I ended up finding a screensaver/promo shot at the official Indiana Jones website, sent the image to Metta Prints, and two days before Christmas we received the coolest hard backed poster I could have ever imagined:


See how it stands up, looking all perfect? Look at the backing -- it's like a painting:

So we hung it up like one:

It took two seconds, and then we hung it over his bed, just like he dreamed it would.

Thank you, Metta Prints! You have made a little boy very happy by making his crazy request come true!



My word for 2012 was "More."

In 2013 it was "Simplify."

I guess I now have a thing going, so I have to choose one for 2014. I almost didn't, because of my rebellious nature (ha, ha), but one kept popping up anyway and so it was chosen. The word for 2014 will be "Me."


Now that I see that little word up there, it's a little scarier than I expected it to be. But I've spent a lot of time trying to do everything I need to do from the sidelines and it's time to do it from within. I know that this doesn't even make sense from your side of the screen, but it makes sense to me. And that is all that matters here, me. 

See how selfish I'm becoming already? 

But here's the thing: I don't think putting "me" first is selfish, not at all. To me it is at once very deep ("What does it mean to be me?") and also very superficial ("I have to start pampering me") but the time is right and it's about time. 

I know what I like. I know what I believe in. I know me.

And in 2014, my priority will be to let that be my guide. 

I don't have infants anymore, but in a way I'm still living like I do -- skipping showers (and I love showers!) and walking around with dirty hair as if I had a baby to nurse. I make a horrible martyr. I'm tired all the time because, I'm not even sure why? I mean, I know what causes me to be so freaking tired, but why I let myself get to that point is a mystery. 

Taking care of me is a big part of it, I won't lie. Yesterday, I made a bunch of doctor's appointments I've been putting off (because I took care of everything else all year and somehow, by the time I got to me it was after 5 and there was no one to take my appointment.) Anyway, I called my eye doctor, and the receptionist was astounded at how long it had been since my last appointment. 

"It's been almost four years!" She sighed and then asked me in a strangely accusatory tone, "Where have you been getting your contacts?"

"The internet?"

I mean, has this woman been living under a rock? But more importantly, what have I been living under? It takes me a year to get a haircut, four years to see my eye doctor. Who is my friend! And has been to my house in those four years! Why can't I just make an appointment to have my eyes checked, while my dog and kids see their doctors every few weeks, it seems like. It's time to take care of me, to put on my oxygen mask before helping other passengers, etc, etc... You know how it goes. It's a cliche, but I'm very excited. 

So happy 2014 to you, friends! If you have a word for the year, I'd love to hear it. See? It's not just about me!


On the fifth day of Christmas...

I just love this time of the year; it's such a disorienting mess. I didn't even realize it was Sunday because the days have melded into a lazy Christmas/New Years hybrid and I think that's just perfect. It's only the fifth day of Christmas (sadly, it seems that for a lot of people that celebrate Christmas it has ended for them, but it's not even halfway done. It all gets so confusing. I'm not even religious, I just take as much of a good thing as I can, and twelve days of Christmas is pretty darn good. The end.)

Anyway! It's been a good Christmas. Food and family (which of course leads to lethargy and fighting) and friends and kids with heads buried in new electronics and kinda sorta sleeping in and of course colds for everyone! I'm not even complaining. It happens every year and I live for the predictability. 

We also went into Boston and got caught in a snowstorm while walking on Newbury and it just couldn't have been more perfect. 

I hope you're having a good Christmas if you celebrate, and if you don't, that you are enjoying the time off from dealing with the likes of me. Soon, I will be back in the swing of things and we'll all long for this quiet stretch. Let's enjoy it.