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33 Dresses. Everyday #121

A pitch landed in my inbox this morning telling me about -- actually, it was the second pitch, as the original had gotten deleted with the rest of the pitches I receive. Most of them are painfully irrelevant, you see, but this one caught my eye, so I clicked over. On the first page, there was an introduction and an invitation:
I’m Elissa Ashwood, breast cancer survivor in training. Cancer can’t take away the kind of beautiful that comes from the inside out.
To remember that, I’m wearing dresses to treatment and posting as I go.
- 33 days of radiation.
- 33 dresses as a symbol of living our lives no matter what.

Let this be a reason to use your good stuff in support of someone you love going through cancer!

It doesn’t have to be dresses. It doesn’t have to be 33.

Join me in your own way! Wear a dress or your jewelry, use your china, buy flowers, go fishing. Let’s not look back on life wondering why we waited for a special occasion to break out the good stuff!

I love your project, Elissa! Best of luck with your treatment, and thank you for your reminder to us to live today.

I try to live like that too and it's nice to find a kindred spirit.

Cheering you on,



Reader Comments (2)

Hi Roxanna,
Thank you for sharing 33 dresses with your readers. So far two days in, all is going well. The dresses and dress-inspired activities - like dinner served on china - even the chicken nuggets - are really fun to hear about and see. We are rocking some rarely seen looks at Chez Ashwood!

May 1, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterElissa Ashwood

Wow, I love this. Rooting for you, Elissa!

May 10, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterHipSwap

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